Colorado Road and Community Safety Act

SB13-251, known as the Colorado Road and Community Safety Act, went into effect on August 1.  According to the Colorado Department of Revenue,

Senate Bill 13-251, The Colorado Road and Community Safety Act authorizes the issuance of a Colorado driver’s license, instruction permit or identification card to those individuals who either cannot demonstrate lawful presence in the U.S. or can only demonstrate temporary lawful presence in the U.S. beginning August 1, 2014.

You can find everything you need to know about the act at this webpage from the Department of Revenue.  The page includes a listing of DMV locations participating in the program; scheduling information; FAQs; forms; fact sheets; rules; and more.  Also on this webpage you can find a link to the new Spanish-language version of the Colorado Driver Handbook, which has just been released for the first time.

Image of the new driver's license courtesy of Colorado Department of Revenue.


Colorado Innovation Week

Governor Hickenlooper has proclaimed August 25-29, 2014 as "Colorado Innovation Week."  According to the Governor's press release, "The four pillars of the Colorado innovation ecosystem are talent, ideas, capital, and entrepreneurship."  Hickenlooper says, "Innovation Week is a catalyst for bringing together many of the brightest thinkers and innovation leaders from around the world to inspire great ideas, cultivate relationships and advance Colorado's robust economic growth and foundation as the nation's premier innovation hub."  Central to the Innovation Week festivities is the Colorado Innovation Network (COIN), which just yesterday released the brand-new State of Innovation 2014 report.  COIN will be hosting an Innovation Summit during this week.  For more information and resources visit COIN's website, http://www.coloradoinnovationnetwork.com/


State Website Redesign

Many of Colorado's state agency websites have recently been redesigned to reflect the new Brand Colorado logos and designs.  The State of Colorado's main homepage, www.colorado.gov, is currently undergoing a redesign and is seeking the public's input.  Simply go to the homepage and at the top of the screen you will see a link to a survey.  This survey will give the State Internet Portal Authority (SIPA), which oversees the website, important information on what web features are important to Coloradans.  Whether you use the state homepage every day or once a year, make your voice heard so that the site includes the links, features, and design concepts that are important to you.


Coping with Highway Construction

Every driver has experienced the delays and frustrations associated with highway construction.  Local businesses can also be affected as access to their business becomes difficult.  The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is trying to make it easier on drivers and business owners by posting notices and offering tips at their webpage, Coping with Construction.  Here you can find information on public meetings; right-of-way information for businesses; advanced notice of parking changes, lane reconfigurations, etc.; FAQs; and more.  The page also includes a link to other CDOT resources aimed at easing the impact on drivers, including www.cotrip.org, CDOT's official site for posting road closures, weather alerts, and other up-to-date transportation information.  There are also links to CDOT's Facebook page and specific construction project websites.


College and University Histories

Many of Colorado's state-funded public universities and colleges have produced histories of their schools.  Many of these are large commemorative editions, so are not online, but they can be checked out from our library.  Colorado university histories that can be found in our library's collection include:

Colorado State University
Community Colleges
  • The Colorado Community College and Occupational Education System: A Silver Anniversary History
  • Pikes Peak Community College Memories: 20 Years of Excellence and Opportunity
Fort Lewis College
  • Rich Heritage, Shining Future: Fort Lewis College 1911-2011
University of Colorado
  • One Hundred Years Ago: The University of Colorado First Commencement
  • History and Facilities of the College of Music, University of Colorado Boulder
  • The Road to Independence and Beyond: Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the University of Colorado Denver
  • University of Colorado at Denver, 25 Years: From Arapaho Camp to Denver's Urban University
  • The University of Colorado School of Medicine: A Millennial History
  • The University of Colorado School of Medicine, a Centennial History: 1883-1983
  • Becoming a Presence: The History of the University of Colorado School of Nursing, 1898-1998
  • A Legacy of Innovation: History of the University of Colorado College of Nursing (DVD)
  • Sixty Years on a Cutting Edge: University of Colorado, Department of Surgery, 1950-2010
University of Northern Colorado
  • Shaping Educational Change:  The First Century of the University of Northern Colorado at Greeley


Colorado Workforce Center

The Colorado State Library and the Colorado Department of Labor & Employment have teamed up to bring you the Colorado Workforce Center, an online employment tool with the goal "that every Colorado business has access to a skilled workforce and every Coloradan has access to meaningful employment, resulting in statewide economic vitality." 

http://www.yourworkforcecenter.com/Directed at both job seekers and businesses seeking employees, the site is divided so that each type of user can find the resources relevant to their situation.  For job seekers, the site includes links to job search assistance, resume guidance, networking and training opportunities, youth and veterans' services, and more.  On the business owner's side, there are links to information on recruiting and screening, hiring events, candidate assessments, strategic planning, training, labor market information, and layoff/separation services. 

This helpful website also includes links to local job postings; a workforce center toolkit; and a map of local workforce centers where you can stop by to get indiviualized, in-person assistance.  You can also visit your local library for helpful assistance and information.


Colorado's Historic Highway Bridges

Not all of Colorado's highway bridges are plain steel and concrete.  Many road or highway bridges, both historic and more recent, are highly artistic or advanced works of architecture and engineering.  Many of Colorado's historic bridges have been included on the National Register of Historic Places.  For a listing of these, as well as links to their nomination forms, see this webpage from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT).  Click here for more information on CDOT's Historic Bridge Program.

CDOT has produced several interesting videos and publications about Colorado's most notable bridges, available from our library, including:
  • Colorado Statewide Historic Bridge Inventory (2011, CDOT) 
  • Red Cliff Arch Bridge Rehabilitation Project (DVD; 2006, CDOT)
  • Three Bridges, Twelve Days:  US 6 Clear Creek Canyon Bridge Rehabilitation (DVD, 2005, CDOT)
  • Driving Tours of Historic Bridges in Fremont County and Near I-70, West of Denver, Colorado (2004, CDOT and State Historical Fund)
  • Spanning Generations:  The Historic Bridges of Colorado (2004, CDOT and State Historical Fund)
  • The Historic Castlewood Canyon Bridge (DVD, 2003, CDOT)
  • Glenwood Canyon:  Mastering Engineering and Environment in the Colorado Rockies (videocassette/DVD, 1996, CDOT)
  • Historic Bridges of Colorado (1986, Colorado Dept. of Highways)

The Red Cliff bridge, along the Top of the Rockies Scenic Byway, was constructed in 1939 and recently restored.  Photo courtesy CDOT.


Alternative Fuel Vehicles

The Colorado Energy Office, Colorado Department of Local Affairs, Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, and other partners have teamed up to bring you a new website, Refuel Colorado.  This website offers information on the use of and cost savings associated with alternative fuel vehicles.  Website users can select the type of vehicle -- electric, natural gas, propane, flex-fuel, or biodiesel -- to obtain information specific to that vehicle type.  The site also offers information on cost savings and tax credits.  The site's "models" page is a helpful resource for choosing a vehicle, and lists availability for the different vehicle types.  The "fleet resources" page offers information on purchasing alternative-fuel buses and other fleet vehicles.  And a page on market developments for alternative fuel vehicles is currently under construction, so check back soon.  This site is a wealth of information on this developing industry.  For more resources on alternative fuel vehicles, including fact sheets about tax credits, check out our library's web catalog


Getting Ready for Kindergarten

August is back-to-school month, and if you have a little one headed to school for the first time, be sure to check out the Colorado State Library's Getting Ready for Kindergarten:  Ready, Set, GO!  brochures.  Available both in English and in Spanish, these brochures offer helpful tips to parents about encouraging early literacy as well as checklists for making sure your child is ready for kindergarten in the areas of social and emotional skills and general knowledge and motor skills.  Help your child succeed in kindergarten by making sure they are ready to GO! 


Rocky Mountain National Park -- 100 Years

Rocky Mountain National Park celebrates its 100th birthday this year.  This scenic destination also has a colorful history.  In our library you can find several books that explore the history of RMNP and nearby Estes Park, including
  • Rocky Times in Rocky Mountain National Park:  An Unnatural History
  • America's Switzerland:  Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, the Growth Years
  • Rocky Mountain National Park:  A History

RMNP is also home to numerous wildlife species.  Check out Rocky Mountain Mammals:  A Handbook of Mammals of Rocky Mountain National Park and Vicinity, also available from our library. 

You can find information from the Colorado Tourism Office about RMNP's yearlong birthday celebration.

Image courtesy Colorado Tourism Office


Healthy Kids Colorado Survey

Today, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment released preliminary results from a survey that show that 37% of Colorado high school students have tried marijuana, and one in five has used it in the past month.  These results are from the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey, a survey of middle and high school students that is administered every two years.  During this summer and fall, the results from the 2013 survey are being released.  Over the next few months, results will be available at http://www.chd.dphe.state.co.us/topics.aspx?q=Adolescent_Health_Data, where you can also find and compare results with previous surveys back to 1999.  You can also find the official reports of past surveys in our library -- visit our web catalog and search keyword Healthy Kids Colorado Survey.  Also, you can find information on the effects of marijuana on youth at the State of Colorado's official marijuana information website.

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