I-70 East Project

Last week the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) unveiled a new website "to educate and engage the public about changes in transportation financing, partnerships and project delivery, and important public engagement opportunities specific to these elements.  The tool also provides an update on the proposed I-70 East project, from I-25 to Tower Road," according to CDOT's June 24 press release.  The site includes interactive features such as public opinion polls and videos to increase the public's awareness of and involvement in the transportation planning process, particularly in regards to the use of express (toll) lanes.  The I-70 East project is slated to employ the use of express lanes to help move traffic.

You can learn more about the I-70 project at CDOT's I-70 East project website.  Here you can find the Environmental Impact Statement as well as a project schedule, map, public meetings and community outreach, a discussion of possible alternatives to CDOT's proposed project plan.


Colorado 2014 Election Guide

The results from the primaries are in, and Colorado's 2014 election season is in full swing.  To find out more about this election, which includes some major races and ballot issues, check out the new Colorado 2014 Election Guide from the Colorado Legislative Council.  Here you can find important dates for voter registration; a list of statewide races; information on mail-in ballots; and more.  You can also find detailed information, including lists of all candidates, at the Colorado Secretary of State's Elections & Voting page.


Colorado Lightning Safety Awareness Week

Governor John Hickenlooper has declared June 22-28, 2014, as Colorado Lightning Safety Awareness Week.  Click on the image below to read the Governor's official proclamation.  You can find several informative articles about lightning safety at Ready Colorado, the state's official preparedness website.  Recently-posted articles include The Science of Thunderstorms and Lightning, Lightning Safety Outside, and a Lightning Safety Overview


Colorado Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal

The Colorado State Forest Service at Colorado State University has released a new online tool, the Colorado Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal, or CO-WRAP.  This website is designed to help those living in the wildland-urban interface understand the level of wildfire risk to their property.  Using maps and data, the site assesses the risk to a particular area based on historical fire occurrences, landscape characteristics, effects of past wildfires, and the fire intensity scale (a system of quantifying the projected intensity of a fire in a particular area).  If you live or own property in a potential wildfire zone, check out this helpful resource today.


Flashing Yellow Arrow for Left Turns

If you live in Denver, you may have noticed a new type of traffic signal popping up around town -- the flashing yellow arrow for left turns.  This yellow arrow is replacing a steady green light for left turns at some intersections, including along Speer Boulevard.  If an arrow is flashing yellow, drivers are required to yield to oncoming traffic before proceeding with a left turn.  Flashing yellow arrows have already been in use for a few years in some Colorado towns and cities outside Denver, including Greeley, Durango, and Estes Park.  If you've never seen a flashing yellow arrow before, you might be confused as to what it means.  If so, the Colorado Department of Transportation can help.  Their Traffic Guidelines and Information website includes a page with diagrams and information on how to proceed through the intersection as well as the difference between a flashing yellow arrow and a steady yellow arrow. 


Industrial Hemp

With the passage of Amendment 64, the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) is required to perform such regulatory functions as registration of growers and oversight of crop inspections.  However, the CDA warns growers that "while Colorado legalized the production of Industrial Hemp (Cannabis spp), growing is still considered illegal by the Federal Law."  Therefore, some factors in hemp cultivation cannot be addressed by the State, including pesticide use and farm subsidies.  The CDA has set up a website with links to information on industrial hemp cultivation.  Here you can find registration forms, rules and regulations, legal statements, the CDA's inspection policy, FAQs, and more. 

For more information on the legal aspects of Amendment 64 in Colorado, see the official Report from the Amendment 64 Implementation Task Force.


Drugged Driving

DUIs are not just for drunk drivers.  If you're driving under the influence of drugs, you can also get a DUI.  The Colorado Department of Transportation has started a new drugged driving campaign, "Drive High, Get a DUI."  According to the campaign's website, in 2012, 5% of the total number of DUIs issued -- including those for both alcohol and drugs -- were issued for driving under the influence of marijuana.  With the recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado, that number is expected to grow.  However, not all drug DUIs are for marijuana; they are also issued to drivers under the influence of other recreational drugs as well as those abusing or misusing prescription drugs.  See the campaign's website for more statistics, as well as FAQs about drugged driving; campaign materials; and information about the ignition interlock requirement for drunk/drugged drivers who refuse to take a drug test.


Online Business Filings from the Colorado Secretary of State

If you are looking for incorporation records for any registered Colorado business, they are available online through the Colorado Secretary of State's Business Database.  Search the database by business or trade name, or by ID number.  Once you have searched for a business, it will return with a summary screen including the business name, ID, date of incorporation, status, and business address.  Then it offers the option of viewing the filing documents and, if you are the owner of the business, options for setting up secure business filings from the webiste.  These filings are public record that can assist new businesses in determining whether the name they have chosen for their business is currently in use.  The documents can also assist the public in locating information such as how long an entity has been in business. 


Wildfire Preparedness

http://dfs.state.co.us/programs-2/emergency-management/wildland-fire-managementAs Colorado heads into wildfire season, the Department of Public Safety's Division of Fire Prevention and Control has issued several new publications including the 2014 Wildfire Preparedness Plan.  The Plan, submitted to the Governor and Legislature, addresses the amount of aerial firefighting resources needed; the availability of firefighting equipment and personnel; processes for resource mobilization; and recommendations on the use of the Wildfire Preparedness Fund

Additionally, the importance of keeping controlled burns under control has prompted the Division to issue a new 2014 Prescribed Fire Planning & Implementation Guide, also available on their publications website.  This helpful website also offers information on permitting for controlled burns; how to protect your home and property from wildfire; and wildfire costs and financial information.


Colorado Innovation Network

The State of Colorado has launched a new resource for business and entrepreneurs, the Colorado Innovation Network.  Their website explains how they can help Colorado businesses:

Hello. We are the Colorado Innovation Network, but you can call us COIN. We are a catalyst for innovation. We are creating a physical and virtual network of global leaders that will encourage relationships to support the innovation ecosystem, grow companies, and create jobs.
The COIN website includes many features such as innovation news, events, and programs, and even an illustrated timeline showing Colorado business innovations through history.  Especially helpful, however, is the website's Resource Center.  Here you will find maps, higher education information, a link to the Colorado Business Resource Guide, and an Innovation Library which connects users to business resources from around the world.  In the Resource Center you will also find information on venture capital, incubators and accelerators, federal labs, and the fourteen key industries that the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade is focusing on attracting to our state. 


Caring for Colorado Lawns

Maintaining green grass can sometimes be a challenge in Colorado, which is prone to drought.  (In fact, in the early nineteenth century explorer Stephen Long called it the Great American Desert).  Our library has a number of resources that can help you keep your lawn healthy and verdant.  Check out these resources from the Colorado State University Extension, which provide information specific to Colorado lawns:
Finally, you can find out about watering restrictions in your area by going to http://www.coh2o.co/


Growing Roses in Colorado

Now is the time of year when most Colorado rose gardens are in full bloom.  Colorado's soil and climate supports a number of rose varieties.  However, gardening in Colorado's high altitude can pose some challenges.  If you're new to rose gardening or just want some expert tips, see the following brochures from the Colorado State University Extenison:

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