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Are you looking for a home for your business?  Whether you have a small start-up and are looking for a location, have an established business are thinking of upgrading your space, or are investing in commercial real estate, you will find the new Colorado INSITE website a valuable resource.  Sponsored by the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT), the website provides a searchable database of commercial properties for sale and for lease in all parts of the state.  You can search by geographic location, property type (warehouse, retail, etc.), square footage, price, and other criteria to find the property that is right for you.  You can also search by company type or view a customizable map of communities to assist you with your selection.  Additionally, the site includes a handy feature which allows you to select and compare up to five properties. 



New Legislation Regarding Recall Elections

On Friday Legislators introduced a bill (SB14-158) to clean up language in Colorado statute regarding recall elections.  Last year, much controversy ensued over who could and could not vote in the recall elections being held for two State Senators.  The bill aims to clear up some of this confusion as well as expand the use of mail-in ballots for recalls.  For more last year's recall elections see the post-election audits from the Colorado Secretary of State's Office.  For more resources on recall elections, see our library's previous blog post on this topic, dated September 10, 2013.


New Marijuana Resource from the State of Colorado

The State of Colorado has just launched a new website, www.colorado.gov/marijuana, that is the "Official State of Colorado Website for Marijuana Information & Resources."  The site can help Coloradans discover resources including understanding the laws; marijuana's impact on youth; how to know if you're using too much; information for home growers; information about driving and marijuana; and much more.  The site is easy to navigate so Coloradans of all ages can use it to learn more about the drug and its effects.  The site is sponsored by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.


Resources for Quitting Smoking

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment sponsors a website, www.tobaccofreeco.org, that is filled with resources to help smokers quit.  Just this week, a new feature was introduced on the site, a downloadable app that can give smokers a powerful incentive to quit.  The app is called "Quit and Save" -- and it shows smokers just how much money they are spending on cigarettes, and how much they can save by quitting.  According to CDPHE's news release, the average "pack-a-day" smoker spends about $2000 a year on cigarettes.  There are numerous other tobacco- and health-related resources on the Tobacco Free website, including statistics and marketing resources, so check it out and start saving money -- and lives -- today.



Colorado Flood and Wildfire Awareness Week

In 2013 Colorado experienced the twin disasters of wildfires and floods on an especially large scale.  Now, it is time to take the lessons learned from these disasters and prepare for this year, as summer -- fire and flood season -- is just a few months away.  Therefore, this week has been designated Colorado Flood and Wildfire Awareness Week.  Both the Colorado Office of Emergency Management and NOAA have prepared instructional resources for Colorado citizens to learn about preparing for floods and fires -- click on the hyperlinks for information from each agency. 

In addition, you can find a great deal of information on Colorado fires and floods in our library.  Search our web catalog for resources, including information on the 2013 fires and floods, such as the Wildfire Insurance and Forest Health Task Force Report, issued in September 2013.  Check back often, as new reports on the 2013 floods are being issued and will be cataloged by our library as they become available.


State Wildlife Areas

Wherever you are in Colorado, there is a State Wildlife Area (SWA) near you.  Colorado Parks & Wildlife's website offers a handy map of all SWAs in Colorado.  Each dot on the map shows the location of one SWA; just click on the dot, and you will get information on that specific SWA, including individual SWA maps, county, elevation, driving directions, hunting and fishing information, recreation, facilities, and restrictions.  You can also create customized maps, such as a map of all SWAs with a particular recreational activity, or map by county.  Plan your next outdoor experience by visiting this helpful resource.


Where to Go Birding in Colorado

Colorado Parks & Wildlife, the Colorado Lottery, and Great Outdoors Colorado have partnered to bring you a great website with suggestions for where to view Colorado's many bird species in all parts of the state.  On the Colorado Birding Trail website you can explore 40 trails around the state, find out about sites along the trail, and learn about which birds you can look for in each area.  The website also features a handy Birding Basics section with viewing suggestions, birding resources, and information on Colorado's natural habitats.  Spring is migration season, so now is a great time to check out this handy resource and view some of our state's incredible wildlife.

Colorado's state bird is the Lark Bunting.  Find out where you can see one by visiting www.coloradobirdingtrail.com.  Photo courtesy Colorado Parks & Wildlife.


Women's History Month

March is National Women's History Month.  The State of Colorado has published many helpful resources on the history of women in our state.  Colorado Women:  A History, published by University Press of Colorado and available from our library, provides a good background on women's history in our state.  Our library also has biographies on several notable Colorado women, including Josephine Roche, Helen Ring Robinson, Irene Jerome Hood, Helen Hunt Jackson, and others, along with other great University Press books like Long Vistas:  Women and Families on Colorado Homesteads. 

One interesting resource is the Colorado State Patrol's Womens History page, looking back at women's roles in the State Patrol.

Francis Galvin was the first woman State Trooper killed in the line of duty, in 1979.  (Photo courtesy Colorado State Patrol)

You can find out about places where Colorado women made history by checking out the Colorado Historical Society's Directory of Women's History Sites on the Colorado State Register of Historic Properties.  

Some historical resources that are available in print for checkout from our library include several publications on Title IX from the Colorado Department of Education (CDE), as well as CDE's Colorado Women's History:  A Multicultural Treasury.  Also available is a video, Women's Gold, for teaching kids about prominent women in Colorado's history.   

Our library also offers many websites and resources on current women's issues, including women's/maternal health; employment issues such as the pay gap and women-owned businesses; domestic violence; and much more -- visit our web catalog to search for resources.


Brain Injury Resources

The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) has produced a new guidebook, Brain Injury in Children and Youth:  A Manual for Educators, that can assist school personnel in identifying and understanding concussions and other brain injuries that can occur in children.  For more brain injury resources from CDE, see their Brain Injury website.


Shelter Pets

Are you looking for statistics on the number of pets in shelters in Colorado, and numbers of pet adoptions from shelters?  The Colorado Department of Agriculture's Pet Animal Care Facilities Act (PACFA) program has made this data available through the Colorado Information Dataset.  Click here for statistics on the number of dogs, number of cats, number of adoptions, numbers of euthanized pets, and more.  You can also find a map of shelters in Colorado.

Also, did you know that Colorado has an "Adopt a Shelter Pet" license plate?  Click here for more information on how you can get one for your vehicle.


New Health Disparities Report

The Office of Health Equity of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has just released a new report on health disparities in Colorado. The 2013 Health Disparities Report differs from past years' health disparities reports (which you can find at our library) because it ties in with the Colorado's 10 Winnable Battles program.  From the report's executive summary:

THE COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENT (CDPHE) HAS IDENTIFIED 10 WINNABLE BATTLES — PUBLIC HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL PRIORITIES WITH LARGE-SCALE IMPACTS ON HEALTH AND THE ENVIRONMENT, AND WITH KNOWN, EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES TO ADDRESS THEM. CDPHE is implementing a plan to achieve gains in these ten areas quickly. The Colorado 2013 Health Disparities Report provides baseline data and case studies on how various groups that traditionally have experienced social or economic obstacles to health are faring in the 10 areas identified as winnable battles. The purpose of the report is to identify strengths and disparities among groups and to inform efforts to achieve better health for all Coloradans, so that gains may be enjoyed equally.

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