Over the River

Artist Christo's plan to hang fabric over a portion of the Arkansas River has generated much controversy. Opponents worry that the project will harm the natural landscape, while proponents argue that the art will bring tourism dollars to the area. The BLM, in conjunction with the Colorado Dept. of Natural Resources, the Colorado Dept. of Transportation, and the Colorado State Patrol, has studied the issue carefully and has prepared a Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the proposal, which you can view online here.


Protecting your Home from Forest Fire

Our unusally dry summer has led to increased fire danger, as evidenced by the recent Fourmile Fire, among the most destructive fires in the state's history. (See Governor Ritter's disaster declaration here.) If you live in the mountains or foothills, there are many precautions you can take to help protect your home in case of a fire, i.e. making sure the trees are cleared near structures. Our library has many resources for forest-area homeowners, including:

We have much more on this topic as well, so be sure to search our web catalog for additional resources.


Filmed in Colorado

Have you ever thought about putting together a list of movies set in Colorado? The Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media has beaten you to it. Their "filmography" has a list of feature films, shorts and other projects filmed in Colorado. You can browse through the titles, or search by year, genre or type of production. Each entry a description of the film, director, screenwriter, name of the production company and a list of cast members. Before you head to the video store, or add something to your queue on Netflix, take a look at this great resource on films shot in Colorado.


2010 Blue Book now online

The November election is fast approaching, and those who are receiving mail-in ballots will receive them in less than a month. There are many different issues and candidates on this year's ballot, so the explanations provided in the annual Blue Book can be very useful. Although hard copies have not yet been mailed, the 2010 Blue Book is now online.


Colorado Adult Education and Family Literacy Week, Sept 13-17, 2010

In support of H. Res 1472, Governor Bill Ritter signed a proclamation designating September 13-17 as Colorado Adult Education and Family Literacy Week.
Congressional declaration, H. Res 1472, designating National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week was sponsored by Rep. Jared Polis [D-CO] and is the culmination of literacy advocacy and outreach resulting in twenty co-signers in the House.
Adult education and family literacy programs serve adult learners who need to improve their basic literacy and math skills, improve their oral and written English, practice for the GED test to attain a high school equivalence degree, and prepare for community college or vocational training. According to the latest national survey of adults, over 93 million American adults have Basic or Below Basic literacy skills that limit their ability to advance at work and in education, help their children with school work, interact with their health care professionals, and participate fully in their communities.

Family literacy programs serve parents and their young children, teaching basic skills, English as a Second Language, and parenting skills to the adults while the children are provided high quality preschool programming. These programs are focused on breaking the cycles of low literacy, low education, and poverty.
For more information, contact Margaret Kirkpatrick, 303-866-6640, State Director, Adult Education and Family Literacy or The Colorado State Publications Library, http://www.cde.state.co.us/stateinfo/index.htm and peruse the Adult Literacy Collection at


Photo Contests

Are you a photographer who enjoys capturing Colorado's wonders through your lens? If so, there are several state-sponsored photo contests available to you right now.
  • Every September, Colorado State Parks sponsors the Eldorado Canyon Annual Photo Contest. For details, visit the contest website.
  • The Colorado Department of Agriculture is currently sponsoring a photo contest. Submissions must be entered by December 31, 2010. See this page for more info.
  • The State of Colorado homepage, www.colorado.gov, is looking for scenic Colorado photos for their website. Visit this page to submit your photos. Categories are scenery, wildlife, and recreation.


Colorado State Fair

The Colorado State Fair, brought to you by the Colorado Dept. of Agriculture, is going on right now! (through Labor Day weekend). The Fair, located in Pueblo, Colorado, offers fun for all ages. In fact, the slogan for this year's Fair is, "It's a Party!" There's live entertainment, food, rides and games, ag expos, and much more. Some of the interesting attractions at the Fair this year include a dog show, an agricultural pavilion, a gigantic fruit sculpture, an alligator show, a strongman competition, a world-record-holding juggler, a lumberjack show, mutton bustin', and even pole vaulting. You'll also find over 300 commercial exhibitors; lots of free goodies; and of course, lots of animals! So even if you're a city person, head down to the Fair and teach your kids where milk comes from. Also, this Sunday, 9/5, is a special Fiesta Day. For information on the Fair, visit the Dept. of Agriculture's State Fair website.

Bed bugs!

Perhaps you’ve heard the commotion about the influx of bed bugs in Colorado and the nuisance they can become. Bed bugs are small blood sucking insects. The adult females deposit eggs in cracks crevices, behind woodwork and similar locations. Adults can live for more than a year! It’s important to identify the species present to determine what kind of control should be directed to be the most effective. This information was located in the Bat bugs and bed bugs pamphlet from the CSU cooperative extension. For more information, check out this and other materials that we have available at the Colorado State Publications Library.

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