Living with Bears

Bears have been in the news a lot lately, with everything from a bear attack near Yellowstone to a bear in Larkspur getting trapped inside a vehicle! As humans move closer and closer to bear's natural habitats, conflicts are bound to occur. If you live in the mountains or foothills, or plan to visit an area with bear populations, see the Division of Wildlife's brochure Living with Bears. Also available in paper form from our library, this website includes helpful information on how you can bear-proof your home, keep bears out of your trash cans, secure beehives, and keep from attracting bears to homes or campsites. The site also offers helpful information on what to do if you encounter a bear. This is valuable information that should be reviewed by anyone living or vacationing in bear country, to help you protect your property and your life.


Wildlife for Kids

Did you know that the Colorado Division of Wildlife has a special section on its website devoted to kids? The DOW's Kids' Discovery Pages is a great site for kids of all ages. It includes interactive games such as Black Bear Challenge, Be A Hatchery Manager, and Habitat Happenings, along with crosswords, word jumbles, and match games. There's also links to species information, coloring pages and activities by age level, and even volunteer information for teens. This site promises hours of fun and learning with Colorado's amazing wildlife! Finally, for teachers, there DOW also has a great Teacher Resources page.


New Size Record for Fish Caught in Colorado

A 14-year-old from Golden set a record June 4 when he reeled in the heaviest fish ever caught (on record) in Colorado. Caught at Prospect Park Lake, the huge carp weighed in at 51 pounds. The Colorado Division of Wildlife keeps tally of Colorado's angling records. For other record fish, including by weight and by length, see the DOW's Awards and Records webpage. Also, for more on this year's record carp, including a picture of the monster fish, see the DOW's July 1 press release.

If you want to become an expert fisherman and maybe set some records yourself some day, our library has many resources that can help you, including the very popular DVD "Fly Fishing Colorado." Other popular fishing titles available in our collection include:


General Mills 100,000 Book Giveaway!

Here’s a great opportunity for libraries to get free books.
According to General Mills:
“As part of a commitment to children’s literacy, Cheerios cereal along with Jon Scieszka, will donate 100,000 books to First Book. First Book’s mission is to give new books to kids in need to help them develop skills to succeed in life.
Cheerios is asking the public to tell them which states should receive the books. To vote for the state you think is most in need of new books go to www.FirstBook.org/Scieszka and answer questions about classic children’s storybooks. Every correct answer counts as one vote: so the more questions you answer correctly, the more votes you cast. The five states with the most votes will each receive 20,000 books, provided by Cheerios. Hurry the contest ends 8/31/2010.
Jon Scieszka’s books have won a whole mess of awards, and sold over 11 million copies. His latest series of books are all set in Trucktown, a world where all of the characters are trucks and all of the trucks act like real preschoolers.”


Avoid Rip-Offs and Scams

A story in today's Denver Post brings attention to a growing trend: scams and rip-offs for home maintenance work, particularly victimizing the elderly. This particular story highlights a landscaping scam, while other scams are frequently seen following events such as hailstorms, for instance, when many people are needing new roofs. Authorities warn consumers never to hire a contractor who comes door to door. Instead, carefully choose someone and initiate the contact yourself. For more on scams and rip-offs see the Attorney General's information on Home Repair Fraud. For information specific to senior citizens, see the AG's publication Respecting our Elders: A Statewide Action Plan to Combat Senior Fraud. If you believe you have been victimized by a fraudulent contractor or other business person, you can notify the AG's office by filing a consumer complaint, or you can contact your local district attorney's office.


Summer Heat Dangers - Don't Leave your Kids in the Car

It's now July, the hottest month of the year in Colorado, and if you're planning on taking a child or pet with you on an errand, never, ever leave them in a parked car, even for a short time. According to the Colorado Dept. of Human Services, cars can reach up to 155 degrees and a child left inside can die of heat stress in as little as 15 minutes. Also, if you see a child left alone in a hot car, call 911 immediately. You can find this and more information at the Dept. of Human Services' Summer Heat Dangers webpage, which also includes a link to an illustrated diagram and fact sheet from the Denver Post entitled "When Cars Become Coffins." This information focuses on children, but pets also suffer and can die when left in left in cars. So protect your children and pets during these hot summer months- take them in with you on your errands, or leave them at home.

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