Arts Education

A new bill introduced this session, HB10-1273, aims to strengthen the requirements for Arts education in Colorado schools. If passed, this bill would require that all Colorado public schools offer classes in visual and performing arts, and all high school students would be required to take some arts classes. If you're interested in reading about the effects of the Arts on education, the State Publications Library has a number of publications that address this issue. These include:



Did you know that the state publications collection includes recipes? You won't find Julia Child, or Jacques Pepin in the stacks, but we do have a number of books with recipes that may peak your interest. These titles can be checked out from our library, or borrowed through inter-library loan:

  • Colorado Catch Cookbook : Wild Game and Fish Recipes (NR6.2/C28/1987)
  • Cookie Recipes from a Basic Mix for High Altitudes (UCSU20/6.3/456A/1992)
  • Household Cleaning Recipes (UCSU20/6.22/9.502)
  • Mile High Cakes: Recipes for High Altitudes (UCSU20/6.3/516A)
  • Pioneer Potluck (HED6.2/C77/1963)
  • Recipes for Dry Beans and Peas (HE15/210.2/B37/1988)
  • Recipes for High Calorie Nutritious Foods (HE15/210.2/C13/2/1987)
  • Wheat, Gluten, Egg and Milk-Free Recipes (UCSU20/16.3/530A/2000)


DUI Arrest Statistics

Did you know that 371 people were arrested for driving under the influence during this year's Super Bowl weekend? The arrests were made as part of the "Heat is On!" high-visibility enforcement campaign to combat drunk driving. You can find out how many arrests were made in each of the "Heat is On!" campaigns by visiting the program's statistics site. Not only are statewide numbers given, but you can also search by county or by sherriff's department.


Colorado Health Data

Are you looking for statistics, trends, and data on Colorado health? The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment has a new page, Colorado Health Data, containing health information from many subject areas across the department. Here you can find, for example, statistics on birth and death, diseases, behavioral risk factors, health disparities between diverse populations, environmental health, injuries, hospital discharges, and much more. The site also has a link to CDPHE statistical publications. Colorado Health Data is a handy resource for quick access to Colorado health statistics.


Unemployment Resources

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment seeks to help the state's unemployed through a new website, the Unemployment Self-Service Resource Guide. Using this site, you can find out how to estimate your unemployment benefits, file for unemployment insurance, search for a new job, and more. The site seeks to answer your questions on insurance claims, getting paid, using the Colorado Automated Payment Card, direct deposit, and other information you might need if you find yourself in this difficult situation.


State agency databases

Did you know that there is one place you can go to find databases produced by Colorado state agencies? An annotated list of free databases has been compiled by State Publications Library staff as part of a wiki project hosted by the State and Local Documents Task Force of ALA's Government Documents Roundtable. Take a moment and browse through the Colorado State Agency Databases wiki. You'll be surprised at the variety of data that's available. The wiki project is also a great place to start if you need comparisons of data by state. Volunteers have created list for each state, so it's an easy way to locate statistics and data produced by other states.

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