Cyber Security

The State of Colorado has an Office of Cyber Security, aimed at helping citizens and consumers achieve the highest level of protection for their online activities. The Office of Cyber Security's webpage offers such tips as dealing with cyberbullies, how to choose a firewall, protecting your identity, and how to protect portable computer devices. The page also offers updates on current viruses or other threats.


Guide to Colorado Statistics

Wondering how many H1N1 cases there have been so far in Colorado? Need data on drunk driving statistics? Want to keep up with the latest economic forecasts for the state? Look no further. Our newly updated "Quick Guide to Colorado State Government Statistical Information" is a great place to start when you need statistics about Colorado. Organized by topic, the guide is a quick way to locate relevant information in a sea of agency web sites. Check it out!


New Model Content Standards

The Colorado Dept. of Education is in the process of developing new model content standards for schools. The standards were last developed in the mid-1990s so are in need of an update. The update started in early 2009 and took place in three phases. To find information on the review process along with drafts of the new standards, visit CDE's Academic Standards page.

CDE summarizes the new standards on their website: "Currently, Colorado is transitioning from traditional Kindergarten through twelfth grade standards to an inclusion of early school readiness and postsecondary competencies. Historically, these standards have been organized by grade spans but are evolving to more articulated and specific descriptions. Additionally, state standards will reflect workforce readiness and 21st century skills such as problem-solving, information literacy and innovation. The ability to take responsibility for additional learning, self direction and interaction with others to learn new information quickly and more naturally is the new emerging direction of our work."


State Parole Board

Due to the State budget deficit, the state has established an "early release initiative" whereby convicted felons are being released from prison a few weeks early to save the state money. According to an article in the Denver Post, the first ten felons have now been released through this initiative. The inmates designated for early parole are reviewed by the State Parole Board. For background on the decision-making process of the Parole Board, see the documents Parole Board Hearings and Decisions. For newly updated information, however, see the Dept. of Corrections' Parole Board website. Here you will find a database of offenders scheduled for their parole hearing. You can search for an individual or, simply select a month or a county to receive a list. The website also publishes the dates for upcoming hearings.


Preble's Meadow Jumping Mouse

A story in today's Denver Post highlights the U.S. Dept of Game and Fish's new effort to expand the habitat of a threatened species native to Colorado and Wyoming. The tiny Preble's Meadow Jumping Mouse has been listed as a threatened species since 1998. The expanded habitat means that more areas will be required to maintain protections for the species. To understand the importance of this tiny creature, read the Colorado Division of Wildlife's web story, Why Care About a Mouse? You can also read about the Colorado Dept of Transportation's efforts to conserve the mice in their Preble's Meadow Jumping Mouse Bulletin from 2004. Focusing on a specific location, the Colorado Natural Heritage Program (part of Colorado State University) published Conservation and Management Plan for Preble's Meadow Jumping Mouse on the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1999. Finally, the Division of Wildlife surveyed the species in the years leading up to its listing as a threatened species. You can check out the survey reports from our library.

You can also read about Colorado's threatened and endangered species in an Issue Brief released by the General Assembly in 2001; and in the DOW's publication Wildlife in Danger.

(Photo from the Colorado Division of Wildlife's Image Gallery)


Window to State Government Research

The State Publications Library has recently updated and revised several subject guides that may be of interest to students, researchers and librarians.

School Research Topics - a collection of links to online reports, statistics, and educational information from Colorado state agencies

Colorado Business and Economic Information - resources to assist businesses plus information about economic development in the state from various Colorado government agencies.

Quick Guide to Colorado State Government Statistical Information - links to statistics and data provided by Colorado state agencies.

These, and other subject guides can be found at:



PlantTalk Colorado

Colorado State University has teamed up with the Denver Botanic Gardens to offer the website PlantTalk Colorado. This handy website gives information on annuals and perennials; design; fruits; houseplants; insects and diseases; lawns; soils, amendments and composting; trees, shrubs, and vines; vegetables; Xeriscaping; weeds; water issues; and wildlife issues, plus much more. So next time your garden is giving you grief, try this website to help solve common plant problems.

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