E-Colorado: Online Workforce Information

As part of the State of Colorado's economic recovery plan, the Dept. of Labor and Employment has set up a new website, http://www.e-colorado.org/. Using this website, job seekers can access tools to help build a resume, plan a career path, or match skills and interests with potential careers. The site also features information on in-demand jobs; online education and training programs; credentials and certificates; unemployment benefits; financial assistance; emerging technologies; entrepreneurship; professional development; and much more. E-Colorado is also a helpful tool for employers, with information on workforce laws and legislation, economic data, and suggestions for posting job vacancies. E-Colorado is a wealth of tips, tools, and interactive information designed to get Colorado workers back on their feet. If you're recently unemployed, or considering a career change, check out this handy resource.


Unclaimed Property/Assets

Have you lost track of a bank account, stock certificate or retirement account? Did you move before receiving your income tax refund? The Unclaimed Property Office of the Colorado State Treasurer may have money for you. They have a searchable online database called "The Great Colorado Payback." You can search by personal name or business name to see if there is unclaimed property waiting for you. The database includes oil and gas royalties, safe deposit boxes, uncashed insurance checks, savings accounts, mutual funds, money orders, payroll wages, dividends, and security deposits.



Looking for basic information on a disease, or tips for a healthy lifestyle? Health A to Z is a great place to start. Over 300 fact sheets are available from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment covering general health and nutrition, specific diseases, emergency health mangement (how to prepare for pandemics, natural disasters, etc.), along with information on services provided by the state.


Add Emergency Contacts to your Driver's License Record

Thanks to a new law passed during the 2008 Legislative session, Colorado drivers may now add emergency contact information to their driver's license record. The process is quick and easy - just fill out a simple online form set up by the State's DMV, and you're on your way. This is a good way to ensure your loved ones are contacted in case anything should happen to you in your vehicle.


New Books on Colorado

If you're interested in Colorado history and looking for a good book to read, check out the Colorado Historical Society's Book Review Center, where local authors, historians, and museum staff review new books on Colorado history. In addition to the reviews, the Center's website also offers a full list of new books on Colorado, updated quarterly. This is a great resource for anyone interested in finding a good book on the history of our state. Some of these books, including those published by University Press, will also be available for checkout from our library.


Colorado Boatable Waters Directory

If you're looking for a place to go boating, there are many lakes, rivers, and reservoirs throughout the state that you can go, whether you're into kayaking, motorboating, sailing, rafting, waterskiing, or other types of water recreating. To find out where you can boat, check out the Colorado Boatable Waters Directory from the Dept. of Natural Resources. This handy online directory gives driving directions and information on fees, types of boating allowed, fish species, water acres, and elevation. It's the perfect way to select a destination based on your specific interests.


Wind Farm in Eastern Colorado

Governor Ritter announced yesterday plans for the first wind farm on the central-eastern plains. Duke Energy and Tri-State Generation and Transmission are teaming together to form the "Kit Carson Windpower Project." The construction project will bring new jobs to Colorado, and the new farm will tap into the existing Tri-State grid, for fast delivery of generated power. Check out the press release and the Governor's New Energy Economy website for more information.

We have several related titles at the State Publications Library that may be of interest:


Colorado Geology Map for Tourists

If you're taking a road trip through Colorado this summer, you might want to check out the Colorado Geological Survey's Tourist Guide to Colorado Geology, brand new this year. This fun and easy-to-use map instructs tourists and visitors on the various elements of the geology of Colorado. You can learn the names and ages of different rocks and formations, as well as information on the prehistory of the area. Using this map you can also find State Parks and points of geological interest. The map might also be a helpful way to amuse the kiddies in the backseat! ("hey Junior, why don't you count how many quartzite deposits you can spot before we stop for lunch...") You can also find other tourist-related geological resources from the Survey, including their book Messages in Stone as well as their Field Trip Guide series, available from our library.

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