Troubles with the Unemployment Claiming System

The state's online system for taking claims for unemployment benefits has crashed repeatedly in the last few days. People can still get through, but the system is much slower than usual. As a result the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment has seen an increase in calls to their toll-free automated claims system. The volume of calls has been so great that many people cannot get through. If you need to get through to the Labor Department, there is an automated phone line in the 303 area code: (303) 813-2800. You can also email Bill Thoennes at bill.thoennes@state.co.us. He will forward your information to the call-back team, so they can contact you rather than continuing to struggle with the online/automated phone systems.


Revenue Forecast

The Colorado Legislative Council has just announced their June 2009 quarterly revenue forecast. Legislative Council, the research and economics support agency for the State Legislature, publishes a forecast each March, June, September, and December. This June's forecast was awaited with much anticipation due to the current budget crisis. So what was the Council's predicted budget shortfall? Check the forecast to find out.


Miller Moths

This year is an especially heavy year for miller moths. Millers migrate in the late spring/early summer from the plains to the mountains, passing through the Front Range on their way. Moths often get into homes and cars and, although they can be a nuisance, miller moths don't eat household furnishings and they don't reproduce during the migratory period, according to researchers at Colorado State University. For more information on these pesky but harmless creatures, see CSU's Miller Moths fact sheet.


Bike Safety

June is Colorado Bike Month, and Bike to Work Day is coming up next week (June 24). Before you ride into town, you may want to check out the Bicycling Manual from the Colorado Department of Transportation. The manual includes rules of the road, and tips for bike saftey. Information about Bike to Work Day events can be found on the Denver Regional Council of Governments website. A list of other bike related events this month is provided by Bicycle Colorado.


Victims' Assistance

The Colorado Dept. of Public Safety strongly advocates for the rights of crime victims. Their fund, VALE (Victim Assistance and Law Enforcement) assists victims of crimes. (To view the VALE annual report, click here.) The department's Office for Victims Programs publishes a newsletter, Colorado Connections. They have also prroduced a brochure, Victims and Witnesses Have Rights!, available for checkout from our library.

In addition, the Colorado Supreme Court has published a brochure, Answers to Your Questions About Victims' and Witnesses' Rights. The Supreme Court has also published a brochure on restitution, entitled Restitution: Background and Highlights.

To find out more about victims' assistance, contact the Office for Victims Programs, 303-239-5719 or visit their website.


Colorado's Hot Jobs & Growing Industries

In spite of the recent down economy, there are still many good jobs to be found. The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment has recently issued a series of brochures and industry guidebooks on Colorado jobs. The brochures explore the fastest-growing jobs in several areas: jobs requiring higher education, jobs with on-the-job training, and "hot jobs." Each category is broken down by region. In addition to these brochures, the Department has also issued four Industry Guidebooks on fast-growing industries: Energy Extraction; Healthcare; Hospitality and Tourism; and Logistics and Transportation.

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