Farmer's Markets

Summer is almost here, and that means fresh produce is available from local farmers. One of my favorite things to do is buy fruit and vegetables from a farmer's market, it may be all in my imagination, but they seem to look and taste better than the produce you find in a grocery store. Plus, shopping at a farmer's market is a great way to support small growers and stimulate the local economy. The Colorado Department of Agriculture has a listing with the dates and times for farmer's markets in Colorado. Head on out, and make good meals using Colorado products.



As humans increasingly push into their habitats, coyotes are becoming a much more common sight in urban/suburban areas. Recently, Greenwood Village has killed a number of coyotes. There are other ways, however, to minimize potential conflicts between coyotes and humans (and pets). The Colorado Division of Wildlife has just issued a new brochure, Your Guide to Avoiding Human-Coyote Conflicts, brand new this year to address these recent concerns. The DOW also published, in 2002, Living with Widlife in Coyote Country. Both of these brochures can be checked out from our library. Other state-published resources on coyotes include:
  • Who is Coyote? This is a "Colorado's Wildlife Company" publication, which are simple, illustrated guides for all ages.

  • Control of Damage by Coyotes and Some Other Carnivores. Although from 1973, this Colorado State University publication still provides some relevant information.

  • Effects of Population Growth on Wildlife Habitat in Colorado. Addressing many kinds of wildlife besides coyotes, this guide addresses what happens when animals are pushed from their habitats.

Finally, for more information on Colorado wildlife, view our library's featured subject resource guide, Wildlife in Colorado.


Long-distance Rates

Even though cell phone use is increasing, many people still depend on a land-line for long-distance telephone service. The latest issue of "Consumer News" from the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies has a chart that compares the rates and monthly fees from telephone service providers. It's a great resource for people who are moving and need to set up their phone service, and also a way to decide if you want to change the service you already have. The Office of Consumer Counsel website is also a good place to find information on other utility services, like electricity and gas.


Colorado Rail Relocation Implementation Study

The State Publications Library has just received a major publication by the Colorado Department of Transportation, the Colorado Rail Relocation and Implementation Study. This publication studies the impact of moving the state's rail lines for the development of more passenger rail, and has important information regarding potential eminent domain, etc. The study may be checked out from our library either in hard copy or on CD, or, it is accessible online.


Seat Belt Laws

SB09-296 failed to make it through the legislature, but the bill that would have toughened seat belt laws still generated a lot of publicity on the issue. The State Publications Library has a number of resources available that address current seat belt laws as well as seat belt use among Coloradans. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment published a fact sheet, Seat Belt Use in Colorado, in 2006. Also, the Colorado Department of Transportation has issued a brochure on their Click It or Ticket campaign. Other CDOT resources on seat belt laws and usage include:

The Colorado State Patrol also has some information on seat belt use on their website. See these State Patrol links for information on seat belt laws and use:


Death Penalty

The General Assembly has been discussing a bill (HB09-1274) that would repeal the death penalty and re-direct funds into a program to investigate "cold-case" murders. The Senate amended the bill, funding the cold-case program through fees charged to anyone convicted of a traffic, misdemeanor or felony offense -- completely removing the death penalty from the discussion. Today, the bill will be discussed in a conference committee to reconcile the differences between the two bills. A history of the bill, along with committee reports and fiscal analysis can be accessed by a "death penalty" keyword search on the General Assembly's "Search for a Bill" page.

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