Wellness Programs

Right now the popular thing to do is to implement wellness programs - whether for workers, schools, or other groups. Wellness programs promote good health through encouraging healthy choices, nutrition, and daily physical activity. The State of Colorado actively sponsors several wellness programs, including Lt. Gov. O'Brien's new initiative, the Your Heart is In Your Hands health challenge. For those interested in wellness programs in their own community, the State offers guidance for getting started. These include such documents as Colorado Action Plan for Older Adult Wellness and School Wellness: A Step-by-Step Guide. The Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment sponsors the Women's Wellness Connection. Also, the Dept. of Personnel and Administration's website offers links to wellness centers and programs. Finally, HB09-1012, introduced this session, would, if passed, provide insurance carriers incentives for encouraging the implementation of wellness programs.


Bill to Promote Colorado Film

The Colorado House of Representatives recently introduced HB09-1010, which would create an office to promote Colorado as a film location, and establish a film production tax credit. Proponents of the measure argue that promoting film brings revenue and promotes tourism; while opponents of the measure argue that, with Colorado's current budget crisis, Colorado cannot afford to give tax credits. Virtually the same bill was introduced in 2008 and defeated; sponsors are trying again this year.

For information on past film production and promotion in Colorado, visit the Colorado Production Resource Guide website. For information on this hotly debated issue, see the Colorado Office of Economic Development's reports The Impact of the Film Industry on Colorado (2003) and Film Industry Growth & Development 2005-2007 (2005).


Education Bill Tracker

The Colorado Department of Education has created a tool called the "Education Bill Tracker" to track the progress of state legislation relating to public education. Each entry includes a summary of the bill, history, links to fiscal notes and the current version of the text. If you are interested in the state of education in Colorado, give this website a try.


Retail Sales

With the current struggling economy, retail sales dropped and many stores posted numbers below expectation for the recent holiday season. (An article in today's Rocky Mountain News explains more). To research sales rates for cities and counties, visit the Colorado Dept. of Revenue's website for monthly breakdowns of state sales tax collected in cities and in counties as well as monthly summaries for the sales of building materials, restaurants, automobiles, liquor, and motor fuel. These reports compare not only the sales and taxes for each month, but also compare to past years, providing a statistical picture of the current economic crisis.


Carbon Monoxide

The General Assembly is considering a bill that requires carbon monoxide detectors be installed in all new residential construction, and in any properties that are sold, or leased to new tenants. In the last 2 months, 6 Coloradans have died from carbon monoxide poisoning. These incidents inspired the creation of the Lofgren Family Carbon Monoxide Safety Act (HB1091). The bill was introduced before the House Business Affairs and Labor Committee yesterday (January 12). To track the status of the bill, go to the General Assembly "status sheets" website, and use the drop down menu to select the range of bills that includes HB1091.

For more information on carbon monoxide in homes, you may want to read "Preventing Carbon Monoxide Problems", from the Colorado State University Extension, or visit the website of the Indoor Air Quality Unit of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.


Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan

Recently the Colorado State Parks released their 2008 SCORP (Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan). This study includes survey data and other information to "identify outdoor recreation trends, needs, and issues for Colorado, as well as to provide a strategic plan to help address these concerns and expectations", according to their website. The plan can be accessed online by clicking here. Our library also has copies available for checkout, along with previous year's SCORPs for comparison purposes.


Colorado Legislature - Back in Session Tomorrow (Jan. 7)

The Colorado State Legislature will convene for a new session tomorrow (January 7, 2009). They will be addressing the budget shortfall, improving transportation, road/bridge maintenance and finding ways to bring new jobs to the state. You can listen in on the proceedings in the House and Senate chambers using the live legislative audio on the General Assembly website. Once the session gets rolling, information on bills and committee discussions will be available. The State Publications Library has created a "quick guide" to legislative information that may help you navigate through the complexities of the Colorado General Assembly.

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