Colorado Turkeys

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a.k.a. Turkey Day -- and did you know Colorado is home to wild turkeys? The Colorado Division of Wildlife has produced several publications on turkey identification, hunting, and more:
  • Colorado Turkey
  • Management Guidelines for Merriam's Wild Turkeys
  • Where and How to Hunt Wild Turkey in the Fall in Colorado
  • Merriam's Turkey Roost Preferences on Mountain Ranges
  • The Wild Turkey in Eastern Colorado
  • Wild Turkey Hunting Techniques

Additionally, the CSU Agricultural Experiment Station has produced some publications on raising turkeys:

  • The Augmentation of Poult Yield
  • Turkey Breeding Practices
  • Exhibiting Poultry
  • Ailments of Turkeys and Other Fowls
  • Raising Poultry the Organic Way
  • Floor Space and Feeder Space as Factors in Finishing Turkeys for Market

Happy Thanksgiving...gobble, gobble!

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