Government Efficiency & Management Study

This year Governor Ritter and state officials put together the Government Efficiency & Management (GEM) plan to create more efficiency in government services. This includes improvements such as streamlining purchasing/contracting services, "greening" government, aligning state IT services, improving customer service, and more, all directly aimed at creating more efficiency and better government operations while saving money. In all, the plan identifies over 90 suggestions for better efficiency in state government. For details, click here to view the study online.


Sex Offender Map Search

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation has added a new feature to it's sex offender web site, http://sor.state.co.us/. The new "map search" allows you to create a map and view listings of sex offenders in the area. You can search by address, city, county or zip code. The visual representation is a great enhancement to the existing registry. Check it out, and see if there is someone dangerous living in your neighborhood.


Mail-in Ballots

If you're worried about not having received your mail-in ballot yet, there could be a variety 0f reasons - if you moved, your address might have not been changed, or, you might not be registered for permanent mail-in ballots. To check your status, simply go to the Secretary of State's Registered Voter Search page. You will need to enter your name, birthdate, and zip code. The system will then tell you your voter information, including name/address, status of mail-in ballot (received, in process, etc.) or whether you are or are not registered for permanent mail-in ballots, your party affiliation, date of declaration of your party affiliation, date of first registration, and your nearest polling places, including locations for early voting. This is a very helpful site that can alleviate many voters' burning questions about their registration.


Right-to-Work Laws

Many of the measures on this year's ballot have to do with labor unions, including Amendment 47. According to Colorado's 2008 Blue Book, Amendment 47 would "prohibit requiring an employee to join and pay any dues or fees to a labor union as a condition of employment; and create a misdemeanor penalty for violation of this law." Proponents argue that it is unfair to force a worker to pay union dues if they don't want to (choosing not to pay dues is often referred to as right-to-work), and that it creates a more business-friendly state. Opponents, however, argue that all workers would get the benefits of the union regardless of whether they paid or not, leaving some workers to foot the entire bill. To help decide what you think, you may want to consult a document we have here in our library: Do Right-to-Work Laws Matter? This publication, written by CSU's Center for Research on the Colorado Economy, explores how other states have dealt with this very same issue.



Cool days and frosty mornings are signs that hunting season has arrived. Whether you enjoy tracking elk, deer, or ducks, the Colorado Division of Wildlife website is the place to go for hunting information. You can:

You might also be interested in borrowing one of these items from our library (or a depository library near you):

  • The 2008 Hunting Guide edition of Colorado Outdoors Magazine, NR6.53/2008
  • Elk hunting Colorado (videorecording) 2006, NR6.2/EL5/2006
  • Down to the bone [videorecording] : quick and easy method for deboning an elk in the field NR6.2/D65/2006
  • From the field to the table [videorecording] NR6.2/D81/1992
  • Big game hunting in Colorado [videorecording]NR6.2/H92/1997/2

Other materials on hunting in Colorado can be found by searching our library catalog using the keyword "hunting."


History Museum Location

About a year ago, the Colorado Historical Society met with controversy as they unveiled a plan to build a new museum in Civic Center Park -- not just in the neighborhood, but in the park. The history museum was being forced out of their current home by the Colorado Judicial Branch, with which it currently shares the block between 13th and 14th, Broadway and Lincoln. In the past six months or so, the CHS dropped their plans to build in the park and chose a site at 12th and Lincoln instead. This decision was made after a long deliberation of possible sites, the Society's needs, etc. What's interesting, though, is that this same process occurred just about 35 years ago. Back then, the CHS outgrew its old building at 14th and Sherman (now the Joint Budget Committee/Legislative Services building). They conducted a location study back then, too -- and we have copies of that study here in our library: Location Study, Colorado Heritage Center, 1973. The current museum building and the justice center were both built at that time. Now, only 35 years old, the two buildings will both be demolished within the next few years.


Ballot Information - in Audio

As the election nears, I would like to alert you to a resource that the Colorado Talking Book Library provides - an audio version of the Blue Book, officially known as the State Ballot Information Booklet.

CTBL provides this service for their patrons and since they record in digital format, they have provided the MP3 files on their website. The audio "Blue Book" was created in conjunction with the Colorado Legislative Council.

Audio files are located at:


Colorado Energy: Looking to the Past for the Future

Today, we hear so much about "green" living and energy conservation. Back in the late 1970s/early 1980s, Colorado experienced an energy crisis, and as a result, the state published many informational publications regarding saving energy. Some of the titles done back then, but still highly relevant today, include:
  • Practical Energy Management for Apartments
  • Taming High Energy Costs
  • Renewable Resources in Colorado
  • How to Weatherstrip and Caulk
  • The Solar Handbook
  • Your Energy Efficient Car
  • Understanding the Skyrocketing Cost of Energy: You Can't Afford Not To
  • Home Management Tips to Cut Energy Costs
  • Insulating the Home
  • Cut your Home Lighting Expenses
  • Storm Windows and Doors
  • How to Cut your Hot Water Expenses
  • Wood for Home Heating
  • The Economics of Solar Heating

Of course, we have many up-to-date publications as well, including those produced by Governor Ritter's Energy Office. Search the term "energy" in our web catalog for publications.

So what did Coloradans 30 years ago predict about the future of energy conservation in our state? Check out these historical publications to find out:

  • Energy Issues in Colorado's Future (1980)
  • Exploring Energy Sources for the Future (1974)
  • Future Energy Alternatives for Colorado (1976)
  • Water and Energy in Colorado's Future (1980)
  • The Colorado Energy Conservation Plan (1977)

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