Reported in today’s news is that asbestos removal is a financial burden to small towns in Colorado. It’s expensive, and funding from the state is limited. Many property owners ignore the health risks and raze or renovate illegally. If you are concerned about your own property, the Department of Public Health and Environment Asbestos Program web site has information on the rules and regulations, contractors, disposal sites, laboratories that identify asbestos in products, and contact information. The following two documents are good places to start, and a search in our online catalog will turn up additional information as well.

Building Renovation and Demolition: What You Need to Know

Asbestos Waste Disposal, April 2007


Economic Forecast

This week two reports have been released with economic forecasts for the state of Colorado. Wednesday, the Governor's Office of State Planning and Budgeting issued the "Colorado Economic Perspective," and the Legislative Council released "Focus Colorado: Economic and Revenue Forecast, 2007-2012" on Thursday.The general gist is that the Colorado economy is going strong, but that there may be a slow-down in years to come, due to 'economic uncertainty at the national level.' The reports have figures for unemployment rates, inflation, retail sales, income tax revenue, etc.


Architecture Images

The University of Colorado at Denver's School of Architecture and Planning sponsors a really neat website they call the Electronic Library of Colorado Architecture, Landscape and Planning. The site features full-color images of Colorado's significant architecture. You can search by site name, architect/builder, city, county, architectural style, building type, date, and more. There's also a way to just browse through the collection. Many of the sites also have detailed close-ups of architectural features. This is a great website for discovering more about Colorado's wide variety of architectural design.


Homeland Security

Yesterday, the governor announced this year's funding awards for homeland security programs across Colorado. A breakdown of the monetary distribution is available in the governor's "Press Release on Homeland Security Grants."

The Homeland Security pages from the Colorado Division of Emergency Management are a great resource. Make sure to scroll down the page, and glance through the "Information links" on the right side of the page. There are links to information on Colorado Counter Terrorism efforts, emergency preparedness, and where to get help when you need it.


Reducing Your Impact on the Environment

Since all of your actions impact our environment, you may be interested in ways that you can lessen your effect. Don’t know where to start? In addition to the information found on the Governor’s Energy Office web site, featured in a previous posting, a good place for information is the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s lengthy Environment Topic Index A to Z. Sample links found there are listed below.

Household hazardous waste collection events and facilities
Solid waste landfills list
Batteries compliance bulletin
Computer disposal
Fluorescent lamps compliance bulletin
Fire information
Household hazardous waste management options
Thermometer spill cleanup


Consumer Resources

Colorado government agencies offer a variety of consumer information on their websites. State government sites dedicated to helping consumers include:

These are just a few of the many consumer-oriented webpages and guides offered by state government, so be sure to search our online catalog or the state homepage for more.

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