Fresh fruit and vegetables

In the summer season, there is nothing better than having fresh fruit and vegetables as part of your meal. Ripe tomatoes can turn a boring sandwich into something special. Find a farmer's market near you using a directory compiled by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Learn how to select the best produce, and check out these Colorado recipe ideas to brighten your table.


Mountain Pine Beetle

On a trip up to the mountains this weekend I noticed just how much damage is being caused as a result of outbreaks of mountain pine beetle. For information on this damaging insect, see the CSU Fact Sheet "Mountain Pine Beetles" and "Colorado's Common Insects and Diseases", also from CSU. Both publications are available online. Check our catalog for other information available from our library, including more on Colorado insects and on tree problems and diseases.



June 24 - 30 is Colorado Lightning Safety and Wildfire Awareness Week. The Colorado Emergency Management Association has created a guide that includes Governor Ritter's proclamation and facts about lightning and wildfires. A list of firebans in state parks, a fire danger map and current information about ongoing wildfires is available on their Fire Restrictions website.

For updates on fires in Colorado, check the Rocky Mountain Area Coordination Center. In-depth fire data is also available through the Colorado division of the Bureau of Land Management, including fire weather and smoke dispersion forecasts.

Publications in our library on lightning and wildfire safety can be located by using the key words "wildfire" and "lightning" in the library catalog.

Online titles which may be of interest:

"Creating Wildfire Defensible Zones"

"Vegetative Recovery after Forest Fire"

"Soil Erosion Control after Wildfire"


Consumer Protection

This week the Colorado Attorney General, John Suthers, sued American Engine Installers for often charging customers 50% more than estimated. Among its responsibilities the Office of the Attorney General has authority for enforcement of consumer protection laws, protecting consumers against fraud. The Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Section web site is a great resource for everyone. It has laws, regulations, status of court cases, senior information, etc. It links to the AG’s Consumer Resource Guide with useful information on topics from A to Z, such as automated dialing, credit cards, gas pricing, Nigerian scams, sweepstakes, telemarketing, and zoning.


Colorado Bike Month

June is Colorado Bike Month. The Colorado Department of Transportation's Bicycle and Pedestrian Program is promoting bicycle safety. There are many useful resources on their webpage:

Information about Bike Month events can be found on the Bike Colorado web site, and Colorado Bike Month posters are available to download for printing at http://www.dot.state.co.us/bikeped/Poster.htm. Materials on biking are also available for lending from the Colorado State Publications Library. Search for "bicycle" in our catalog for a list of titles.


Tuberculosis in Colorado

There is renewed interest in tuberculosis since the recent arrival of the man with extremely drug-resistant TB at Denver’s National Jewish Hospital. Today most people view tuberculosis as a disease of the past, and it is surprising to hear that strong surveillance and treatment programs continue today. Several titles available for loan in the State Publications Library collection are of historical and current interest:

Blazing the Tuberculosis Trail – Shows the history of tuberculosis treatment in Colorado’s early days and how National Jewish Hospital opened as a tuberculosis sanatorium, along with 3 other sanatoria. (Descriptions of the open air treatment are fascinating.)

A Medical Gentleman: James J. Waring M.D. - Biography of this early Colorado doctor who had the disease himself, with his work in the field, along with a picture of the stigma attached to TB. (Laws prohibiting hand shaking and kissing were attempted. Those prohibiting spitting were passed.)

Annual Reports of the State Board of Health, 1876- Case histories, rules for consumptives

Recent Levels of Known Tuberculosis in Colorado, 1957 – data for the 1940’s and 50’s, in addition to the work of Dr. Florence Sabin. (In 1949, about 69% of the metro area population aged 15 and older were x-rayed.)

Tuberculosis Manual – Current guidelines for screening, treatment, prevention, etc.

Tuberculosis in Colorado: A Summary of Cases – data for most years back to 1999.

Tuberculosis Program website at the Department of Public Health and Environment


Health Care Reform

Last month the Blue Ribbon Commission for Health Care Reform selected four health reform proposals to undergo modeling and analysis before they make a recommendation to the General Assembly.

The commission was created by the state legislature in 2006 to make recommendations for comprehensive health care reform. Their charge was to select plans that would increase access to health care coverage and decrease costs for residents.

Features of the proposed programs include subsidies for those under 200 - 400% of the federal poverty level, and mandated health coverage. Details on the proposals are available on the commission's proposal website.

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