Go Fish!

It's fishing season! Now that the days are getting nicer, it's great to spend time outdoors. If you like fishing, there are many good sources of information from the Colorado Division of Wildlife. You can find valuable information online, and we have fishing guides and maps available to check out from our library.

  • 2007 Colorado Fishing (Fishing Regulations and Property Directory) --A directory of rules and restrictions for individual fishing spots across Colorado. Also available for lending at the CoSPL (NR6.44/2007)

  • Colorado Fishing Map (NR 6.29/F52/1999)

  • Fishing Close to Home (NR6.2/F52/2006/2) --A guide to the lakes and streams along the central front range open to public fishing. Includes an identification guide and pointers on catching and cleaning fish.

  • Fishing Colorado Hot Spots

  • 2007 Fish Distribution schedule (NR6/230.10/2007) - A list of species and stocking numbers for Colorado streams, lakes, ponds, etc.

  • How to Catch Trout (NR6.2/T75/1991) --Tips on trout fishing, where to go, fly tying, etc.

  • Species Identification

For young fisher-folk, check out the " 101 places to take a kid fishing" web site, and "Martin the Martian Learns to Fish" a comic book put out by the Division of Wildlife. (NR6.2/M36/1987)
Follow Martin the Martian as he learns why humans fish; a brief history of fishing; what equipment, bait, and clothing fishers need; how to think like a fish; common fish species in the state; and how to cast, catch, clean, store, and cook a fish.


Colorado Vacations

With yesterday being Memorial Day, which many consider the "official" start of summer, that means tourist season has begun. If you are going to be vacationing here in Colorado, state government has produced many websites and publications to help you.

Colorado.com is the official Colorado tourism site. It has many resources for planning your vacation, whether you are a Colorado resident wishing to learn more about your state, or traveling here from somewhere else.

The Colorado Department of Transportation produces the official state maps. These can be borrowed from our library.

If you are interested in visiting historic sites in Colorado, many are listed on the Colorado Historical Society's webpage. Also, we have available in our library the book Colorado Museums and Historic Sites. This book lists nearly all the museums and places of historical interest to visit throughout the state. And if you are visiting here in Denver, Colorado's Capitol is one of the most popular tourist spots. In our library you can find publications such as "Visitor's Guide to Colorado's Capitol" and "Memorials and Art Around the State Capitol," as well as Derek Everett's book "The Colorado State Capitol." There is also a virtual tour of the state house provided by the Colorado Legislative Council.

The Colorado Department of Natural Resources has many publications of interest to tourists and vacationers, including hiking maps produced by Colorado State Parks, and wildlife viewing guides produced by the Division of Wildife. Check our catalog for the many titles offered by this agency.

Finally, if you're interested in tourism statistics, we have those, too. Examples include the Colorado Visitor's Study, produced annually, as well as some older publications like statistical studies of the Colorado ski industry done by CU-Boulder in the 1980s. Again, check our catalog for these and other Colorado tourism resources.


Severe Spring Weather

The transition from winter to spring often brings a wild variety of weather, which can lead to severe storms. There is a lot of useful information on preparing for, and surviving severe weather conditions from the Colorado Division of Emergency Management. Online resources include:

Additional print resources can be located by searching our library catalog using keywords: "floods", "wildfires", "tornado", or "emergency".


Click It or Ticket - Seatbelt Safety

From May 21 to June 3rd, the Colorado Department of Transportation, State Patrol and local law enforcement agencies will conduct a campaign to increase public awareness about the importance of seat belt use. The Click It or Ticket webpage has posters and brochures for downloading, along with fact sheets and statistics on seat belt usage in Colorado and the correlation of seat belt usage with traffic fatalities. In 2006 61% of the traffic fatalities in Colorado were people who were not wearing their seat belts. Seat belts save lives!


Identity Theft Repair Kit

Colorado Attorney General John Suthers recently published a 20-page booklet on identity theft titled Identity Theft Repair Kit. It is a great guide to have in case you become a victim of this fastest growing crime in America. It covers 10 steps to take if you become a victim, your liability, an explanation of how thieves work, and prevention. If you prefer to read hardcopy, our library can loan it to you. Don't miss this helpful publication.


Water Rights

There has been a lot of discussion in the news lately about water rights, water conservation, and many are wondering if the winter storms have brought enough water for Colorado this year. There are several places to find information on water resources. The State Publications Library has created a new guide to water rights and state water resources on our website. Two publications that may be of interest are:
"Annual Report of the State Engineer"which gives a summary of Colorado water issues for the year. Issues for 1996 - 2005 are available online, and biennial reports from 1885 -1944 are available in the State Publications Library.

"Guide to Colorado Well Permits, Water Rights, and Water Administration" (Colorado Division of Water Resources)

The Colorado Division of Water Resources, Colorado Water Conservation Board, and the CSU Cooperative Extension Service are also good sources for water information.


Free Insects: The Request-a-Bug Program

Weeds and unwanted pests present a challenge to gardeners. The Colorado Department of Agriculture’s “Request-a-Bug” program offers an alternative to pesticides. Colorado residents can obtain free biological pest control agents (insects) by going to the Biological Pest Control Request-a Bug Program website. Fill out a form on this site to have the bugs sent to your home.

Because the biocontrol agents are usually host specific, you must accurately identify the species you are trying to control. The site includes a link to the Colorado Weed Management Association Noxious Weeds site to help with identification. Additional information can be found in the CSU Cooperative Extension’s Gardening Online Fact Sheets and Insects Online Fact Sheets. In addition, a search in our online catalog turns up many publications on weeds, insects, and organic gardening which can be borrowed from our library. One helpful title is Weeds of Colorado: A Comprehensive Guide to Identification, 1998, by Robert Zimdahl, published by Cooperative Extension.



Governor Ritter signed the state budget yesterday, vetoing several budget notes that contained instructions from the legislature on how the money should be spent. The press release about this year's budget, and the governor's letter detailing the vetoed sections are both available online. The text of the "long bill" (SB07-239) as it was sent to the governor is available from the General Assembly's web page: http://www.leg.state.co.us/CLICS/CLICS2007A/csl.nsf/lbcontainer/SB07-239?OpenDocument

Once the budget has been printed, a copy will be available at our library, and an electronic version will posted on the Session Laws web page. Historical budget information is also available at the State Publications Library.

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