Parent and Family Resources

The Colorado Department of Education has put together a webpage, entitled Parent and Family Resources, which is a great place for families to start when looking for information about their child's K-12 education.  The website includes information on state tests; finding a school; getting ready to start school and getting ready to graduate; department programs; special education; school and family partnerships; and more.  Search our library's web catalog for additional information from the Colorado Department of Education.


Time Machine Tuesday: Diamonds in Colorado

Did you know that Larimer County had a diamond mine?  The Kelsey Lake Mine was operational from 1996 to 2001.  During that time period, in 1999, the Colorado Geological Survey released What Are Diamonds?, an issue of their popular Rock Talk series.  This publication discussed Northern Colorado's State Line Kimberlite District and the Kelsey Lake Mine, as well as the history of diamond mining in Colorado and the geology of diamonds.  In this fun, easy-to-read publication, you can learn such fun facts as:
  • How do volcanic deposits form diamonds?
  • What is Colorado's connection to the famous Hope Diamond?
  • What was the Great Diamond Hoax of 1872?
  • How are diamonds mined?
  • What was the largest diamond found in Colorado?
For current information, including a location map, visit the Colorado Geological Survey's Diamonds webpage.


Golf in Colorado

As the weather gets warmer people are beginning to head to the golf course.  If you're interested in the history of golf in Colorado, or are a landscaper, manager, or owner of a golf course, our library has several resources that may be of interest to you.

The Economics of Colorado's Golf Industry, The Golf Industry in Colorado, and Resource and Economic Aspects of Golf in Colorado, all publications from Colorado State University's Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, discuss golf's contribution to the state's economy, factoring in tourism, environmental impacts, drought, and more.

Greening Your Golf Course is a publication from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment that teaches golf course managers how to keep their golf courses green without polluting the air and water.

If you're looking for information on the history of golf in Colorado, a 1992 publication from the University of Colorado's Business Research Division gives a snapshot of Colorado golf a quarter-century ago.  Colorado Golf Highlights:  A Review of Available Data, 1989-91 is available for checkout from our library.  You can also check out issues of Colorado Heritage magazine, which contain several interesting articles on the golf industry in our state.  See "Lost Links:  In Search of Estes Park's Oldest Golf Course," January/February 2010, and "The Sage and Cactus Golf Club:  Hugo, Colorado, 1939-42," Summer 2007.  Finally, see James Whiteside's Colorado:  A Sports History (University Press of Colorado, 1999), also available for checkout from our library. 


Planning and Planting Trees and Flowers

The season for planting trees and flowers has arrived.  If you're planning a garden, or looking to update an established one, there are many questions to be thought through -- such as what types and species are best for Colorado's climate, how long they will take to grow, what kind of care they need, how to use mulch, how to deal with pests, what plants attract butterflies and birds, what's different about gardening in the mountains, etc.  Luckily, the Colorado State University Extension can help.  They have issued numerous publications about all aspects of Colorado gardening.  Some of the titles that you may find useful in helping plan your yard and garden include:
Search our library's web catalog for more titles, including information on specific plants, insects, and diseases.  Also, if you're looking for ideas on flowers, check out CSU's Flower Trial Gardens.  If you still need more help, you can go to the Extension's Ask an Expert.


Marijuana Laws and Health Effects

In anticipation of 4/20 the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has posted a news release with helpful reminders about the state's laws regarding marijuana, as well as information on its health effects.  CDPHE has issued numerous publications to educate consumers about the regulation and effects of marijuana.  Other agencies, such as the Department of Revenue, which oversees enforcement, have also produced a number of publications -- search the keyword "marijuana" in our library's web catalog for resources.

"Good to Know" is the state's marijuana public awareness campaign.  See below for a new infographic created by CDPHE's "Good to Know."